Spiritual Peace

Hallo my name is Sean I’m a holy hip hop artist, I go by the name Spiritual Peace. I am an independent artist, my goal is to reach out to the lost and the blind, and win souls for the kingdom of God. I also want to encourage true believers to keep pushing the truth and be a great witness to the power of God. I use to be lost my self smoking weed, sale weed, fornication, and just living life on the edge. Now I’m trying to reach out to the young man and woman. Praying that they give their life to Christ, and live the good life. The life with purpose, meaning and eternal life. I have been on this walk for 5 years now and I’m loving every moment. I am married to my wonderful wife Dayle. I have 2 little boys, the oldest is 3 years old, and the youngest is 4 months. I’m praying for full time ministry, I know the Lord is going to make away, just don’t know when. Right now I’m the only one working to support my family, and I thank God we are making it, even when it seems impossible at times.

I thank you for your love and support, and if you want to burn my CD and pass it out that is cool with me, because its not all about the money is about seeing peoples lives really change for the better. And if God puts it on your heart it would be nice if you could donate to the ministry. I give out CD’s all the time for free, so I’m not just asking for your money, I’m asking for your help in this move of God.

I pray you received my spirit in love and thank you again for your love and support, help me win these souls, just by giving out a CD you did something.

I love you and God loves you, stay strong, peace.

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