My name is Mack Thomas and I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. I was raised in the West End. I have been writing and rapping since I was about 12 years old. I grew up in a household around drugs and alcohol and eventually started selling drugs and drinking myself. I caught a drug case when I was 17 in Indiana for trafficking drugs and possession of a firearm. I ended up serving about 15 months of a 10 year sentence when I was 19. After I got out I started selling even more drugs and using some to. Having a baby slowed me down a little but did not stop me because of the relationship I had with the baby’s mother. I have been involved injust about everything the streets had to offer for about the next 9 years. In that time I had two more kids and got married but that still did not stop me from wildin out. In 2005 God compelled me to get my life to Jesus. So I did. At least I thought I did. But old friends, old habits, and drugs had a stronger grip on me than I thought. In 2006 I found out that my first child was not really mine and neither were most of my friends. God called me once again. And this time I answered with a different fire in my heart. My first love was music but I always did it for the streets. I have rapped with Def Shop and Too Big Entertainment. But now I rap, write, and perform for the Lord. I started an outreach ministry for young men called Soldiers of the Lord. And I am trying to lead young souls to God through music and a form of teaching that shows them how God’s word is relevant in their life right now. I know what God pulled me out of and I know that he wants me to reach back.

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