Levelle O’Bannon

Just like alot of MC’s who produce rap music, I grew up in the projects of the inner city. Louisville , KY to be exact.  Single family home situation with no father and 3 siblings, often had me angry about life and why i was even here.  By the age of 12, i had adopted my mother’s religion of Jehovah’s Witness. What do u know at 12 yrs. old?  After about 2 years, i quickly saw that religion wasn’t what God was about and i vowed to not serve Him at all till i knew how He wanted me to serve Him.

This decision cost me my family and friends who were still Jehovah’s Witnesses and at age 14, i became a ward of the state and started visiting different group homes and my seperation from my mother and siblings was complete.  A deep hatred had brewed inside of me. Where’s the love of a father and a mother?

After a bout with drug dealing and using, trip to the penn at 20 yrs old for a shooting and robbery involvement,and countles other things, i realized i needed to change.  Being married with a child didnt fix the void in my heart.  Different women and drugs didnt take the pain away.

November 1996, I had an encounter with the Most High and He gave me a chance to get it right. This happened in my living room with witnesses of how His power shook demons out of me without  a hyped up church service!.  His power showed up and touched me while i was high off crack cocaine and alcohol. When i rose from the ground, i realized that this is what i had been waiting for.

Over the years i have met a lot of men and women just like me who are trying to figure this game of life out.  Through rap music and community outreach, i’ve just tried to do my part in giving hope to what seems to be a hopeless generation.  We were created by the Most High. Our survival and change depends on a connection with Him via the writing of His Word, the Holy Bible and the teachings of His Son and my Savior Yeshua ha Meshiach,  aka Jesus Christ.Project

Purpose is a great hub, that connects the message of hope and purpose to people who are just like i was. Meet us in the Hoood!

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